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October 2018

54th EASD Annual Meeting
Venue: CityCube Berlin and Messe Berlin

Organiser: European Association for the Study of Diabetes e.V.
Type of Event: Congress

Numbers: 16000
Event Date: October 2018

November 2017

56th ICCA Congress 2017
Venue: Prague Congress Centre

Organiser: ICCA World
Type of Event: MICE Congress

Numbers: 1500
Event Date: November 2017

March 2017

58th Congress German Respiratory Society 2017
Venue: ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart

Organiser: Agentur KONSENS GmbH
Type of Event: Annual conference

Numbers: 3500
Event Date: March 2017

July 2018

5th Congress of European ORL-HNS

Type of Event: Congress

Numbers: 1000
Event Date: July 2018

September 2018

5th European Congress of Immunology – ECI
Venue: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

Type of Event: Congress

Numbers: 5000
Event Date: September 2018

August 2017

5th International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference
Venue: Québec City Convention Centre

Type of Event:

Numbers: 400
Event Date: August 2017

October 2017

62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians
Venue: NürnbergConvention Center (NCC)

Organiser: Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians
Type of Event: Convention

Numbers: 7900
Event Date: October 2017

August 2019

62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Organiser: International Statistical Institute
Type of Event: Convention

Numbers: 2000
Event Date: August 2019

September 2017

68th International Astronautical Congress 2017
Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre

Organiser: Space Industry Association of Australia
Type of Event: International Conference

Numbers: 4500
Event Date: September 2017

June 2017

6th Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology / ISAP 2017
Venue: La Cité Nantes Congress Centre

Organiser: University of Nantes
Type of Event: Congress

Numbers: 560
Event Date: June 2017